These are the most basic aspects of astrology, signs, , houses, aspects and what to look for first. There are also courses here on mathermatics and astronomy for those who are interested. Only basic natal delineation is attempted at this level. Completing this level will prepare you for the NCGR Level I Exam.

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A Bit About the Course

Planets are the actors in the drama of our lives and as they spin round us they converse, sometimes shouting, sometimes whispering.  The arrangement of these actors and how they interrelate forms the bedrock of the chart.

A Bit About the Course

Considering that neither signs nor houses are real - they sure pack a wallop! Signs are the costumes the actors (planets) put on and the houses describe the scenery or backdrop of life. so how do signs and houses work together to tell the story of the chart?

A Bit About the Course

This is a collection of more subtle indicators to be found in the Natal Chart and how to use them to get a fuller picture of the native's personality