Here you will find pocket courses pertaining to the planets and luminaries. At the end of each course you will have to opportunity to pass the quiz to earn a badge for that planet or luminary. 

Pocket Course - The Moon

This pocket course offers all key information about the Moon:her 8 phases, interpretations by sign, by house, her declination cycle and how important she is to the many astrologies of the world.Successful completion of the course earns you the Moon badge, part of the Natal badge series.
Teacher: Terri Stevens

Pocket Course - The Sun

This is a beginner course on the astronomy of the sun as well as how the sun affects us here on earth. 
Teacher: Terri Stevens

Pocket Course - Mercury

Here you will learn the astronomy behind mercury as well as the astrology so that you will understand how it works in your natal chart.
Teacher: Terri Stevens