Diploma HAS

The Dip HAS is designed to prepare you for work as a Professional Astrologer.

Astro-mechanics are a key cornerstone of this curriculum, including: chart hand-calculation and hand drawing,  as well as hand calculation of secondary progressions.

You will learn all of the working tools of Western Astrology including the interpretation of Planets by Sign, House and Aspect, how to get further detail with planetary condition, rulerships and receptions and how declination and midpoints complete the picture.  

Technical skill without client-facing acumen is a recipe for disaster. Your Dip. HAS prepares you thoroughly with a course on ethics, a course on client skills and a course on client engagement.

Business Astrology is the art and science of using the stars to guide your professional practice,  Your Dip. HAS includes a course on this all-important component, as well as a course on  the basics of running your own professional practice.

The Ethics of Astrology is a required course in the diploma. This course equips you with a full understanding of your legal obligations for practice in Canada (and to a large extent, the US, UK and EU), the critical importance of data security and how to correctly handle your clients' details, the ethics of working with vulnerable adults and those not yet of age, issues of respect for your clients' chosen identity, in short, this course will empower you to practice ethically and safely, within the law, protecting both yourself and your clients. 

The Halifax Astrology School recognizes that students enter our programmes at all levels of development. We offer a Challenge for Credit option, where, in lieu of taking a course, a student can pay a fee to be tested, so as to demonstrate mastery of that level.   

The Ethics of Professional Practice

Classes on client-side manner and best practices regarding ethics  as well as ways to create a safe, welcoming and reassuring experience for your clients. 

Calculating and Interpreting Charts

We teach planets, signs, aspects and houses, major asteroids and Chiron. Both Classical and Modern approaches are respected, including planetary condition, almutens, rulerships and sect. We explain the link between antiscia and declination.

the Astrology of Business

Classes on how to choose the right chart for your business, how to use astrology to chart business cycles, and how to read an incorporation chart, both for your business and those of your clients.

Running a Successful Professional Practice

Classes on how to start a professional practice,  legal and tax obligations, and other key factors create a solid foundation for your success right out of the gate.