Meet our teachers
Head of School

Dean, General Studies

Mj Patterson BA, BSc, BEd, MEd, CA NCGR-PAA Trilingual educator, soldier, IT Professional and Astrologer. Reach her at

Élodie Ste Onge Aubout

Dean, Classics

Graduate of Nightlife Astrology School and APAA Director for Newfoundland & Labrador, Élodie specialises in Classical Astrological Studies. Reach her at
9th House Astrology

Mark Douglas

Dean, Humanities

Graduate of the Huber School and APAA Director for P.E.I, Mark specialises in Psychological Astrology, Counselling and Ethics. Reach him at

Inge Lohse

Dean, Business Studies

Consummate Business Astrologer with decades of practical business & astrology experience. International business owner, lecturer and teacher.  Reach her at