Professional Diploma - (Dip. HAS)

The Halifax Astrology School offers a 20 credit professional diploma incorporating technical astrology skills,  rectification, consulting acumen, ethics & inclusion training, business astrology and business skills for astrologers. 

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Astrology Tools

You will learn how to calculate and interpret a natal chart and measure future potentials.


A key aspect of the Dip. HAS is an overview of laws and obligations as they apply to Astrology and how you can best serve your clients in an ethical and legal manner.  


You will learn how to check a birthtime to make sure it is exact.  

Business Skills

You will learn Business Astrology, to support both your own and others' businesses. You will also learn the basic skills needed to operate an astrology practice.


Learn at your Own Pace & Level


Have Fun, Make Friends, Learn Stuff!

These classes are just for fun! They are geared to folks just sticking their toe in the waters of the starry science. You can lean on your own, or join a teacher-led course. The choice is yours!


Deepen Your Knowledge, Make Connections, learn the Calculations

These classes are fun, AND they offer you a deeper understanding of the foundations of Astrology. Some of these classes overlap with the Exam Track classes.  You can choose to work independently, or you can join a teacher-led class.

Exam Track

prepare for Professional Exams

This track focuses on getting you ready for the international exams, qualifying you as a professional astrologer.  These classes do have an online option, but we recommend you consider working through this material as part of a teacher-led course for best results. ure