At the Halifax Astrology School  you will learn:

HOROSCOPE CONSTRUCTION -- How to hand-calculate a birth chart.

PREDICTIVE CALCULATIONS -- How to hand-calculate transits,  secondary progressions, and  solar arc directions

RECTIFICATION -- There is a saying in industry: "Garbage in Equals Garbage Out (GIGO)" As part of your Diploma studies, Halifax Astrology School teaches you key techniques to ensure you are using the actual Time, Date and Place of birth of your client's birth.  

CONSULTING SKILLS & ETHICS -- Reading  a chart is one thing. It is quite another to communicate well with your client, keeping them centre-frame and ensuring they leave the session feeling resourceful.  Ethics and counselling skills are a mandatory part of the Diploma. Graduates in Psychology, Social Work, or related field may be able to transfer credits. 

BUSINESS ASTROLOGY & BUSINESS SKILLS -- At the Halifax Astrology School, you will learn to read  business charts and  to support your own and others'  businesses through changing times.  As part of the Diploma programme, you will also learn the basics of running a professional practice.

HORARY -- You will learn the basics of how to ask and answer a "question of the hour"  as a support to clients.