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Horoscope Construction
There is a saying in industry: "Garbage in Equals Garbage Out (GIGO)" 
As part of your Diploma studies, Halifax Astrology School teaches you key techniques to ensure you are using the actual Time, Date and Place of birth of your client's birth.
Consulting Skills & Ethics
Reading  a chart is one thing. It is quite another to communicate well with your client, keeping them centre-frame and ensuring they leave the session feeling resourceful. 
Ethics and counselling skills are a mandatory part of our Diploma.
Business Astrology & Business Skills
At Halifax Astrology School, you will gain skills reading business charts and  supporting your own and others'  businesses through changing times, As part of our Diploma programme, we teach the skills information needed to have a successful practice.
Online Learning

Learn Astrology while you commute!  The Halifax Astrology School uses the latest in teaching technology to make learning the starry science both fun and convenient. Download the Moodle App for your Android or Apple device and log in to work through material and assignments anywhere.

Classes are held over Zoom, so with the Zoom app also installed, either for Apple or Android, you are ready for school any time anywhere!

If you are new to Moodle, your teacher or mentor will walk you through how to  access the material and how to hand in assignments.

As you get more comfortable with the interactive nature of the system, you will be able to "buddy up" with classmates far and wide to learn together and expand your understanding while forging astrological connections around the globe.

The Conference of the Halifax Astrology School

The Northern-Stars Astrology Conference began in 2019 due to a serendipitous visit from Alex Trenoweth of the UK. 

Hosted at the Royal Artillery Park Officers' Club, a building older than Canada herself, the first conference went off with a bang, attracting speakers from across Canada and around the world.

Our planned conference in 2019 was delayed by COVID-19 and we "tag team" with our Alberta colleagues, meaning that our next conference will be held in September of 2022. Our students has the opportunity to compete for speaking slots, making this an excellent opportunity to get launched on the speaking circuit.