Available courses

Planets - The Actors in Your Cosmic Drama

Planets are the actors in the drama of our lives. The arrangement of these actors and how they interrelate forms the bedrock of the chart.

Aspects - The Conversations in Your Chart

Aspects are the longitudinal relationships among the planets and sensitive points in the chart. Declinations are latitudinal connections and they are equally important.  Learn to hear the conversations going on in your chart! 

Signs - The Roles the Planets Play

The Tropical Zodiac is divided into twelve equal divisions called signs. This course looks at how these divisions of space compare and contrast and how they inform astrological practice.

Houses - The Settings for the Cosmic Drama

If the Planets are the actors and the Signs are the costumes, then the Houses are the scenery or backdrop - the setting for all of the event in our Cosmic Drama. In this course you will learn the role of the houses in chart delineation AND find the answer to the burning question "which is the best house system"?

Chart Shapes & Standouts: Digging for Gold in the Birthchart

Prerequisites for this course are the 4 courses Planets, Aspects, Signs and Houses or the Core Competency equivalent.  Here, we study Chart Shape, Interceptions & Joined Houses, and Aspect Patterns to weave a more cohesive understanding of the Natal Chart.

5 Essential Brushstrokes for Natal Analysis

Join world-class Astrologer Kathy Rose as she sets you up for success in natal chart interpretation.  Kathy teaches how to simplify the natal chart by learning to recognize key planets that play a big role in the native's chart.
Teacher: Kathy Rose

Key Steps in Natal Chart Delineation

Prerequisites for this course are the 4 courses Planets, Aspects, Signs and Houses or the Core Competency equivalent. Here, we study the key points in the Natal Chart, the Rising Sign, the Midheaven and their dispositors. We also study Dispositor Trees and apply them to our understanding of the Natal Map.

Pocket Course - The Moon

This pocket course offers all key information about the Moon:her 8 phases, interpretations by sign, by house, her declination cycle and how important she is to the many astrologies of the world.Successful completion of the course earns you the Moon badge, part of the Natal badge series.
Teacher: Terri Stevens

Pocket Course - The Sun

This is a beginner course on the astronomy of the sun as well as how the sun affects us here on earth. 
Teacher: Terri Stevens

Pocket Course - Mercury

Here you will learn the astronomy behind mercury as well as the astrology so that you will understand how it works in your natal chart.
Teacher: Terri Stevens

The Solar Return

The Solar Return is a chart calculated for the exact time when the Sun returns to the precise position it occupied when you were born, that is, to the exact position indicated in your birth chart. This happens once a year around your birthday, usually at a different time from when you were born, and in some cases a day after or a day before your birthday. The Solar Return marks the main events of the year from birthday to birthday. It's a bit like starting a new year on your birthday. The Solar return is also calculated according to the location of your Solar Return, that is to say the place where you were or the place where you will be at the time of your birthday; naturally, some places are more favorable than others. With multiple returns calculated for different locations, you could analyze the changes arising from the different locations and choose the most appropriate place to spend your birthday.

Business and Corporate Charts

NOTE: There is an in-person consultation with Inge as the last assignment for a further $60 fee, paid directly to her.In this 7 part course Inge Lohse takes you through all the essential information needed to interpret a business or corporate chart.
Teacher: Inge Lohse

Fall Intensive - Digging for Gold in the Birthchart

A one-day intensive.0730:  Breakfast and discussion-format review of natal basics.08:30:  Nyk and Emma create a safe space for learning09:00:  - 10:00 Emma Boardman - The Asteroids and Chiron     10:00 - 11:00 Demonstration of competencies ( reading a partner's chart for the Asteroids and Chiron)11:00 - 12:00 Chart Shapes     12:00 to 1:30 lunch break and competency check - Chart Shapes.1:30 - 2:30 Standouts (Mj Patterson)     2:30 - 3:30 Standouts competency check3:30 - 4:30 pm - Aspect Patterns (Mj Patterson )     4:30 - 5:00 pm - Competency check - Aspect Patterns.

Rectification Phase I

This course looks at how to quickly check the birth time of your client without Math or technical work. These techniques will not zero in in an exact time of birth, but they may be enough for you to spot a wrong time and ask that the time be rectified before you  waste time building the wring birthchart.