Business and Corporate Charts

In this 7 part course Inge Lohse takes you through all the essential information needed to interpret a business or corporate chart.
Teacher: Terri Stevens

Level 2A Natal Astrology

A thorough, clear and hands-on approach to Natal Chart analysis. 
Prerequisites:  a basic knowledge of Planets, Aspects, Signs and Houses.  (These are available as online courses to be taken concurrently if necessary)

Course Content

Week 1 -  Start with the Right Data

    How to check a birth time.

  Week 5 - Receptions:

        Mutual /  Not Mutual 

        Planetary Sect

        Turning the Chart

Week 2 -  Temperament 

    What it Means

    How to Calculate it

    How to Apply It

  Week 6 -  Astronomy

          Seasons / Precession

          Solar Eclipse /  Lunar Eclipse

          Retrograde Motion: Mercury, Venus 

Week 3 -  Digging for Gold

    Chart Shapes

    Aspect Patterns

    Interceptions & Joined Houses

    Early and Late Degrees

  Week 7 -  The Client's Point of View


       Consulting Skills

       Building the Natal Analysis Checklist

Week 4 -  Planetary Conditions

    Benefics & Malefics

    Dignities, Debilities, and Joys

    Example Charts

  Week 8 - The Finale

       Using the Natal Analysis Checklist

       Knowledge check

       Final Questions


5 Essential Brushstrokes for Natal Analysis

Join world-class Astrologer Kathy Rose as she sets you up for success in natal chart interpretation.
Kathy teaches how to simplify the natal chart by learning to recognize key planets that play a big role in the native's chart.

Teacher: Kathy Rose