Ethics and counselling skills are at the core of professional Astrological practice. Achieving these core competencies are a key requirement in earning any of the diplomas available at the Halifax Astrology School.

Like all other caring professions, the prime directive of all professional Astrologers is DO NO HARM. 
It is our responsibility to leave our clients safe and resourceful at the end of any consultation.

Principles that will help us to do no harm include:

  • Autonomy -- the respect for a client’s free will.
  • Beneficence -- the commitment to improve a client’s well-being
  • Non-maleficence -- the commitment to avoid harming a client’s well-being
  • Fidelity  --   honouring professional commitments
  • Veracity -- a commitment to always speaking the truth in a way that does no harm.
  • Justice -- a professional commitment to fair and egalitarian treatment of clients and colleagues.
  • Self-respect  -- fostering a sense that the counsellor is also entitled to self-care and respect.

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